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We Are A Next-Generation Real Estate-Technology Company Who Is Disrupting the Way Consumers Will Buy, Sell, Rent, & Finance Real Estate

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*Rates lock for 12-months from date of level up to insulate you from life's little bumps and surprises.

What Makes Us Different?

eHomeoffer has noticed something that has happened within the culture of real estate within the more recent years. Real Estate agents themselves have become a market. As more agents entering the industry, it seems less and less have an extensive understanding of real estate or product knowledge which in itself adds up to the little differences that make up a home’s total value. Details are often overlooked, and everything from cracks and creaks to roofs and leaks, all make a difference when meeting with a homeowner. That is why eHomeoffer set out to build a company focused on making the entire process transparent and seamless not only for the consumer, but also for the real estate professional themselves, with sound investment strategies as core principals for both real estate buyers and agents alike.

So not only do we offer options for buyers and sellers, which in turn contribute to building an agent’s pipeline, but we also offer a variety of commission models providing a fresh new approach to higher earnings. eHome is tech-centric, lead focused and structured to help agents and teams achieve their goals with more resources and less friction.

Hybrid commission model offering additional opportunity for streams of income so you can concentrate on doing what you do best

Rather than promises of profits from  MLM strategies and less than fulfilling leadership, we provide detailed education along with wealth training.


We create systems to reduce your workload and help you sell more

Inspiration, encouragement and guidance to help you reach your full potential

This program is a simple and traditional commission approach with no associated fees with being an agent. That’s right, no sign-up fees, no monthly associated costs, or mandated tech fees. Perfect for agents that are new, part time, or even more senior career agents who want to keep an active license for those clients they still maintain.

This is our signature “Rolling Commission Program”. Each time you reach your next GCI target tier, the new commission split is locked in for the next 12 consecutive months. Whether you hit your goal in month 2 or month 12, you can rest assured that your split is secure. Our rewards program gives you the ability to use their points to move up in tiers as well.

This is our “Built for Business” program. It allows agents & team leaders to pick and choose what best suits your needs. Essentially its like having your own brokerage. Whether you are a high-volume agent or leading a team of 100+ agents, this program gives you the flexibility you to choose commission tiers, technology packages, office environments and other services without the liability or overhead.


Tech is important...
but it shouldn't rule your life

As much as we love tech and pride ourselves on providing top-of-the-line tools, they must do more than just look good, they must make work-flows simpler and easier to use.

We’re committed to providing tools that are useful and play well with others.

Agent Branded Website

This feature offers multiple modern responsive themes with powerful customization features. We have 99% USA & Canadian IDX coverage. Put your best foot forward, and make every listing look brilliant.

A Killer Online Presence For Every Listing

Platform offers multiple modern responsive themes with powerful customization features. We have 99% USA & Canadian IDX coverage. Put your best foot forward, and make every listing look brilliant.

Mobile App

Takes mobile to a whole new level. We have both a fully native agent CRM app to manage your leads on the go; as well as a consumer facing mobile app for you to share with your clients for mobile home search.


eHomeoffer unique incentive program is similar to mileage points programs. You earn points by using company vendors, achieving goals, referring agents, participating in eHome challenges, events, training, community outreach and more

Redeem your eRewards points anytime for everything from tools to travel.

Bank it, & use it
It's fun, and it really adds up!

Business Building

So at this point you might be asking yourself...

Our goals don’t just stop with providing both sellers and real estate agents flexible options, but we truly strive to help elevate our agents by teaching them business building skills specific to real estate industry. We help agents to further their product and market knowledge, along with providing crucial data, and coaching that will result in more annual closed transactions.

How you ask?

Statistics show than on an estimated average nearly 70% of every For Sale By Owner listing, typically converts into a traditional listing, or even in some cases an iBuy aka an instant cash offer. Start turning those less than eventful listing appointments into cash by offering potential sellers a flat fee program.

With technology being ever so more available with more users each day there are more of both savvy sellers & cost conscious sellers every day. With the statistics showing 7/10 of these transactions typically close by way of a professional agent, this can easily lead to more closings of those less immediately successful appointments. In turn adding to your sales stats, your rewards program, and most importantly your bottom line dollar.

Team Building

Powerful Lead Generation & Marketing Tools

Your team needs to be constantly driving new business. This includes business from free sources, like social media, as well as paid sources, like Google and Facebook ads. Additionally, you want to bring all leads from all sources together effortlessly with Lead Sync. K+TEAM Platform gives you the most simple, most powerful set of tools available to drive and manage leads all in one place

Your Most Productive Employee, the Team CRM

Your most productive employee is the one working night and day to keep you organized, informed, and working at the top of your game. The Team CRM receives, distributes, rates, and qualifies leads. It takes your Sphere of Influence and powers it up. This ensures your team doesn’t waste valuable time bouncing between your CRM and the MLS or worse lose clients to a poor MLS experience. We automatically pull all your listings from the MLS & give you the ability to market them, share them, and even view activity on them right from the back end of your system.

Manage your team with ease

Drive maximum conversion and have full control over the leads you generate for you team, control routing, control access, all while having full visibility into your pipeline & who is killing it and who needs help. K+TEAM Platform offers unique tools for teams to manage their business better than ever before, including a team dashboard, accountability settings, reports and more.

Benefits of Joining

Commissions Options

Commissions Options

Flexible plans and 12-month commission-rate lock.

Rewards Program

Rewards Program

Earn points for closings and challenges, use rewards for perks or commission “level ups”.



Best of class at rock bottom rates.



We have a team of pros ready to help you from tech to marketing.

Flexible Workspace

Flexible Workspace

Virtual with a modern home base.

Location Perks

Location Perks

eBar (coffee), video calls, physical workspace and more.



The kind you should have hadwhen you first started out–construction to sales pipelines.

Wealth Building

Wealth Building

Resources to help set you and your family up for a lifetime.



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Email Address

Email Address

Enter your annual income before taxes. If you’re buying with someone else, include their income too.
The amount you can pay in cash when you close on your new home.
Include recurring obligations like car loans, student loans or alimony, but not everyday costs like groceries.
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